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NCD Group - Jan 22, 2020

We are implementing International “Project Management Standards”

The NCD group have a long-term objectives of “building a world-class construction by honoring long-term value and contributing to development of human and society”, also we are working on an implementation of “Project Management Standards” step by step since 2017.

By implementing the standards:

  • The final product quality increases due to improved control of Construction work.
  • Successful completion of projects during the planned period will positively impact the satisfaction of customers and communicators.
  • By improving Occupational health and safety, workers are fully accessible to work in a healthy and safe environment.

олон улсын төслийн стандарт

We support Executive companies’ participation

It is important to work together with cooperative companies effectively, develop together and promote their participation to keep the Group's activities stable and improve customers' satisfaction by upgrading construction work quality.  

Therefore, we are organizing “Training course” that aims to regulate the Group’s internal rules, norms and standards of construction work and stakeholders’ association since 2018.

Also during the implementation of project, “The Contractor’s Guide” was produced for executive companies and it dedicated to decrease in misunderstanding among the stakeholders and improvement of occupational health and safety. It also affects improvement quality of the product positively.

Төслийн удирдлага

Төслийн удирдлага

The guide contains key features focusing on the Quality and Safety in the overall stage of construction work, customer and contractor/executive relationship arrangements and information about the rights and duties.


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